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Wed April 18, 2018

Power clean - 15 min to work to heavy single


For time:

30 Power Cleans (155/105) 30 Pull ups 20 Power Cleans (185/135) 20 CTB Pull ups 10 Power Cleans (225/155) 10 Bar MU Scaled:

30 Power Cleans (60% of today's best)

30 Pull Ups

20 Power Cleans (75%)

20 Pull Ups

10 Power Cleans (90%)

10 Pull Ups --------------------------------------------------

Save On Foods Product Finds

from Coach Courtney, RD

If you follow Vitality Nutrition on Instagram (@vitalitynutrition_) you may have read a post made a few weeks ago regarding processed foods. As a dietitian, I was feeling ashamed to admit that I purchase, eat, and enjoy processed foods. I even had held back on posting some of the meals I consumed that contained a few more "procesed" items. I had been holding myself to a standard I would never expect or even encourage a client or friend to uphold! By not sharing ALL of the foods that I eat (processed or unprocessed!) I was painting a picture of a “perfect” diet that really doesn’t exist. This isn’t helpful or realistic for most people. I believe that there is room to take advantage of some of the convenient foods offered at the grocery store! The trick is learning to read food labels and ingredient lists to find the “better for you” options. We are all busy - and while it might be ideal to eat only foods we make from scratch, it isn’t reality for all of us. A little bit of convenience (or processing!) can help us stick to a balanced and tasty diet. Dietitians and nutritionist included! I recently shopped at the new Save on Foods on 8th Street in Saskatoon. Of course, my grocery cart was loaded with the usual of fresh vegetables and fruit, berries, nuts and seeds, and lean meats. But these items can be found at most any grocery store and aren’t worthy of a blog post. Instead, I have highlighted a few items that I enjoy that are unique to Save on Foods. These items are more “processed” but are helpful options when you need something healthy and fast! The Save on Foods brand (Western Family) has many unique products in addition to other brands or foods that are hard to find at competing stores. This infographic reviews my top choices at Save on Foods - but I have included a few more in detail below!

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