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Thurs May 17, 2018

90/60 Assault Bike or Row Cals 45 Deadlift (255/175) at 20 mins: 50 HSPU or Push ups 150ft Front Rack Lunge (2x 50/35lb DBs or KBs)



By Coach Courtney, RD

Tuesday night we had a BBQ at CrossFit BRIO to raise funds for our team competing at the CrossFit Games' West Regional. We are so appreciative of the community’s support and are extremely proud to represent BRIO in just over a week!

As I enjoyed my burger, I reflected on the difference between feeling full, satiated, and satisfied. Let me explain my thoughts:

  • Stomach fullness is what you feel in and around the stomach based on the weight and volume of food you've eaten. As food enters the stomach, there is a sensation of fullness that comes from the swelling of the stomach stimulating nearby nerves. Stomach fullness can occur with low or high calorie foods. For example, drinking a litre of water or eating a plate full of veggies can offer stomach fullness for few calories.

  • Body satiety is often mistaken as stomach fullness but it is quite different. As the body digests a meal, the nutrients enter the bloodstream. Depending on the food you ate, the duration in which you feel satiated differs. As an example, a meal that is higher in fat will digest slower than a meal that only contains carbohydrates. The higher fat meal will offer longer body satiety. So while drinking water can lead to "fullness" it will not offer body satiety as it does not have calories. Calorie dense ingredients will offer longer body satiety (eg. the burger patty!).

  • Satisfaction comes from genuinely enjoying your food. For me personally, I feel the most satisfied when I choose simple, unprocessed ingredients and enjoy them in good company. I felt extremely satisfied after enjoying a burger and veggies with my favorite community of people at CrossFit BRIO while sitting outside in the sunny backyard. I might have felt full and satiated eating the burger by myself, but not nearly as satisfied as I did enjoying it with my favorite people on a beautiful day.

At our BBQ I felt all three factors:

  • Stomach fullness: from the veggies and drinking water

  • Body satiety: from the burger patty that was rich in protein and had some fat

  • Satisfaction: from quality time spent with amazing people on a sunny day

Take a moment and reflect on the factors that affect how full, satiated, and satisfied you feel after a meal. A lot of times feeling great about our food choices stems not only from what we eat but how we eat it and who we eat it with!

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