Wednesday Aug 1, 2018

Congratulations to the Committed Club for July! Even among all the great weather and summer fun, these people made their health and priority and got to the gym for 20 or more workouts in the month. Way to go!!


Snatch: 1 rep OTM x 10

CrossFit Games Age group event #3 - "DOUBLES & OLY" 50 double-unders 5 squat snatches 50 double-unders 4 squat snatches 50 double-unders 3 squat snatches 50 double-unders 2 squat snatches Men - 185-205-225-245 Women - 135-145-155-165 *scaled=squat Cleans 10 Mins Games Cap


Discipline equals freedom." -Jocko Willink

By Courtney Berg, RD

“That’s stupid” I remember thinking when I first heard the quote. How can discipline offer any freedom. I was connecting the word discipline with words like strict, structured, and regimented. These certainly aren't synonyms to freedom!

Not only did I dislike the quote I actually strongly disliked Jocko Willink voice and couldn't stand listening to him talk #honest. Take a listen to the speech that I first listened to on the CrossFit BRIO blog about a year ago. Great content, agitating voice (haha!).

The fact that I was resenting his message was a sign I needed to lean into it. For the past year I’ve been reflecting daily on the quote. I went from hating it to loving it. The message makes sense to me now. But I will forever find Jocko's voice annoying (ha!).