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Wed Jan 9, 2019

Interested in the topic of sleep? Sign in here for a presentation from consultant Lindsay Sutherland this Sunday at BRIO South from 2-3pm. The cost is $15. Topics include insomnia, cognition, sleep apnea, and psychological health.


10 Min AMRAP

12 KB Deadlift (2x32/24)

18 Box Step Up (20/16)

100' Farmer Carry


OTM x6

Ring MU Or MU progression


Like a Can of Soup

by Coach Courtney, RD

I hated this photo. But then I read a really great quote, and I realized this photo captured something about me that is much more important than my appearance. It captured my intense focus and drive when I set my mind to something. Even if it is just a set of kettlebell swings! I’ll share the quote: “People act like... I am a can of soup and they can just read the list of ingredients and know everything about me. There’s lots of stuff about soup inside that they can’t put on the label, like how it smells and tastes and makes you feel.”

The quote starts with ... “people act like”... which makes it seem that it is other’s who care about our appearance. But does anybody truly care what we look like? If we are 10 pound heavier or lighter? Or if we have a pimple on our face? Or if we are sporting the newest brand name outfit? Of course we all notice the appearance of those around us. But is appearance what we truly value in the people who matter most to us? More often than not, I believe we put these expectations on ourselves. The expectation that we will be better if we lose weight, have clear skin, or buy the most expensive shoes. Like soup, the way we make people feel can’t be measured in our outward appearance. Like soup, what is on the label is only 10% of our story. It is what’s on the inside, which can’t easily be described, that makes us valuable to our friends, family, or communities. Looking past appearance doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of yourself. Eating well, exercising, or putting on some make up are important ways to nourish ourselves. When we nourish our bodies we have confidence. When we have confidence we can accomplish our life’s mission. This quotes reminds me of why we should choose to exercise, eat well, and take care of ourselves. It is less about the way we look and more about having the energy and confidence to make people feel good when they are around us. Losing weight won’t make you a better friend, mother, daughter, or coworker. Like a can of soup, the way we make people feel can’t be measured by a Nutrition Facts table or an ingredient list.

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