Fri Mar 15, 2019

OTM x 20

1) 5-15 GHD or ABmat Sit ups

2) 10 RDL - Build from 25%

3) Max L- Sit hold

4) Super-Man Hold

With a partner

3 Min Max Bike Cal

rest 1 mins

3 min Max Row Cals


19.4 will be going down tonight at our East location! Anyone is welcome to come try this workout, even if you're not officially registered for The Open. Heat times are now available in the BRIO app. Check out all the workout details here.

Give back challenges are well under way from our awesome Intramural teams:

Blue Steel will be selling jello shots and other treats tonight, by donation. All proceeds will go towards the Mienna Lamborn Memorial Fund at the Pattison Children's Hospital.