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Thurs Mar 21, 2019

20 min AMRAP

250m Row

10 KB Snatch - R

10 KB OH Lunge - R

50 Double Under

10 KB Snatch - L

10 KB OH Lunge - L



A big high five to everyone for successful week 4 of the Open. Every person that came out for Friday Night Lights at our East location helped earn points for their team!

The Red Hot Chili Lifters made a statement this week, bringing both the red team spirit and making a big push to get people signed up for their blood drive. Interested in giving the gift of life? Check if you are eligible to donate at Then sign up to join the BRIO group heading to the donation clinic (when the open is all wrapped up, of course)

Among the many people who took on the RX workout and tied with 66 reps, Reagan Wildeman (Mustard Stains) had the fastest tie break time (4:04) and earned this week's hustler award!

When surveying for who earned this week's technique award, several of our coaches enthusiastically agreed that Ryan Verity (Red Hot Chili Lifters) moves like a beauty and is a pleasure to watch!

Top scores went to:

Women's RX

1st - Courtney Berg (Blue Steel)

2nd - Bonnie Maclean (Red Hot Chili Lifters)

3rd - Jocelyn Rylee (beige team?)

Men's RX

1st - Iain Maclean (Incredible Hulks)

2nd - Yann Martel (Mustard Stains)

3rd - Glendon Hall (Blue Steel)

Women's Scaled:

1st - Leslie Kumagai (Blue Steel)

2nd - Katy Bloski (Blue Steel)

3rd - Melissa De Roo (Red Hot Chili Lifters)

Men's Scaled:

1st - Sean Killoran (Incredible Hulks)

2nd - Brian Boensch (Red Hot Chili Lifters)

3rd - Ben Vander Kooi (Incredible Hulks)

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