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Thurs Aug 29, 2019

That J.T. chest pump....

"JT" 21-15-9


Ring Dip

Push up

Cashout (start at completion of JT): Row 2K


11am and 6:45pm Training Yard

**Note: Training Yard will end for the season two weeks from today. Get those outdoor sessions in while you can!

AMRAP in 7 min: Laps of yard course - tire agility - tire flip - jump on, in, out, and off of tire - wall climb - P-bar traverse

Rest 3 min

AMRAP in 7 min: 10 Deadlifts (2x KBs) 10 box step ups (2x KBs) Farmer Carry 100m (2x KBs) Rest 3 min AMRAP in 7 min: Sled drag forwards 100m Sled drag backwards 100m

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