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Fri Dec 24, 2021

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! We hope you have a safe and happy holiday season. Get ready for burpees tomorrow!!!....

12 days of Fitmas 1 Wall Walking in a Winter Wonderland 2 Golden Ring Dips 3 CTB Pull Up On the Roof Top 4 Santa Sit Ups (with DB) 5 Wine Goblet Squat 6 Mistle Toe to bar 7 Partridge in a Burpee 8 Snatching through the snow (1 DB) 9 What's in the Box Jumps (30") 10 DB Lunging all the way ha ha ha 11 Deck the Halls with HSPU 12 Frosty the Snow Man Makers (1 DB, alternating arms) Compare to Dec 24 every year!


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