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Sun Jan 2, 2022

2 rounds

45 sec Bike

45 Sec Overhead Squat

90 Sec Rest

45 Sec Row

45 sec Front Squat

90 sec Rest

45 Sec Double under (5's)

45 sec Back Squat

90 sec Rest

Round 1: OHS 95/65 - FS 135/95 - BS 185/125

Round 2: OHS 135/95 - FS 185/125 - BS 225/155

This week's episode of the BRIO in the Box podcast is the third in our 3 part series on How to Be Successful in CrossFit. In this one, we're talking all about the tips, tricks, and habits to achieve your peak genetic potential body composition - ie, how to get leaner.

Apologies, but we lost the video on this one. Audio only this week.


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