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Thurs June 4, 2020

Between now and June 19 we're playing BRING BINGO to get our good habits back on track. It's all about sleeping, eating, moving, and de-stressing in a way that supports your best health. Visit to download your bingo card and start checking off those boxes today. Blackout the whole card and you'll earn yourself a free "I survived CoronaFit 2020" tshirt or tank top :-)

Even if you don't complete BRIO Bingo, you can still purchase one of these sweet shirts by visiting


Live on Zoom


2 min roll/lacrosse ball

10 Pass Throughs

10 Around the Worlds

10 OH Scap Press

Chest/Shoulder Stretch

8 Alt High Tower/Samson/Pigeon

10 Alt Figure Fours

6 Alt Inch Worms

2 Min Ankle Prep


4 min AMRAP:

6 Thrusters (empty bar)

20 Single skips or DUs

6 Situps


7 rounds

30 sec Double unders

30 sec Rest

30 Sec Thrusters

30 Sec Rest

30 Sec Strict Toe to Bar (or V-Ups)

30 sec Rest


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