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Tues Sept 8, 2020

CrossFit Total:

Back Squat, 1RM

Press, 1RM

Deadlift, 1RM

Must be completed in this order. Athletes have 3 "judged" attempts at each lift to establish a new 1RM.

It's been 3 months to the day since we were able to re-open after the COVID shut down (awwww!). Whether or not today brings you a stop in PR City, it will be very helpful to establish these strength numbers today so that you can work off of the proper percentages in the coming months. Please make your best effort to get to the gym today :-)

Compare to:

Sept 3/19

Sept 11/18

Jan 13/18

Sept 19/17

April 10/17

Sept 12/16

April 13/16

Sept 18/15

May 9/15

Mar 6/15

Nov 15/14

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