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Week of April 17 - 23

Recently David (who has the CF-L4 credential) retook the CrossFit Level 1 course for the first time in 15 years. In this episode David shares his experience, discusses how the course has changed from 2008 to now, and reflects on the value of going back to the basics, this time paying closer attention.


Save the Date!

As many of your know, Coach Rana used her UNICORN POWER to battle breast cancer last year, enduring both chemo and surgery. She won the fight and now wants to give back to the Saskatoon Cancer Center that provided her with such great care and support. Save the date for Sunday June 11 when the BRIO community will UNITE TO FIGHT cancer. Grab a buddy and sign up to complete a series of fun partner workouts followed by BBQ and good times with your favorite fitness friends. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Cancer Center. Even if you don't want to workout, there will be opportunities to donate or volunteer. More details to follow and registration will open later this week!


NextGen kids program

resumes this Wednesday at 6:30pm. We have two 5 week blocks coming up. The first takes us up to the May Long Weekend, the second from after the May Long Weekend to the end of the school year. The program is open to children of our BRIO members age 9 and up. Registration is now available at


CrossFit Kids Summer Camps

are BACK for 2023 and this year we're running two! Mark your calendars for July 24-28 and Aug 21-25. In addition to workouts, weightlifting, skill development, and mobility our summer camp involves teaching your kids how to cook a complete real food delicious meal from scratch. The week ends with a dinner party for the parents hosted by your junior chefs!

Camps are open exclusively to the children of BRIO members, age 9 and up (going into grade 4). More details to follow and registration will open later this week!


Workouts for the Week

Monday April 17

Tuesday April 18

Wednesday April 19

Thursday April 20

Friday April 21

Saturday April 22

Sunday April 23


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