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Week of Dec 4 - Dec 10

In this episode we're exploring all the factors that contribute to injury... bad form, of course, but also ignoring the basics, too much intensity, excess volume, lack of rest days, too many rest days, poor sleep habits, alcohol, and processed food.


Thursday Dec 7 is BRING A FRIEND DAY. Visitors are welcome to join us for a free workout in any class all day long. Please have friends sign in the waiver and RSVP to a class time at


Friday Dec 8 is ALL DAY HOLIDAY Party. The 6am-ers are organizing a potluck breakfast and we're going to keep the fun going all day. 10:30am coffee time, nooner lunch gathering, and evening cheers and beers.


Workouts for the Week

Monday Dec 4

Tuesday Dec 5

Wednesday Dec 6

Thursday Dec 7

Friday Dec 8

Saturday Dec 9

Sunday Dec 10


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