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Week of Dec 5 - Dec 11

If you or anyone you know has ever suffered from depression, anxiety, PTSD, alcoholism, bipolar, schizophrenia, ADHD, autism, epilepsy, or Alzheimer's this could be the most important podcast you will ever watch. And Dr. Chris Palmer's new book Brain Energy could be the most important book you'll ever read.


Saturday Dec 10 is BRING A FRIEND Day! Visitors are welcome to join us for a free workout at 8a, 9am, or 10am. Please make sure they have signed the waiver online and RSVP'd to a class time at before arriving. Thanks!


Monday Dec 5

15 min AMRAP

4-8-12-16 etc.

DB Step up (50/35 20")


Jerk (185/125)

Cashout: Accumulate 5 mins in a plank

Tuesday Dec 6

Wednesday Dec 7

Thursday Dec 8

Friday Dec 9

Saturday Dec 10

Saturday Dec 11


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