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Week of Jan 15 - Jan 21

In this episode, we take a deep dive into the concept of 'intensity' when it comes to exercise and CrossFit. Training at intensity is the thing that gets you results and it's what separates CrossFit from most other programs out there, but what exactly does that mean? and how do you do it intelligently? and safely?


Get those kids moving this winter! Our NextGen kids program is back on for the new year, starting this Wednesday at 6:30pm. This block runs for 5 weeks from Jan 17 - Feb 14 and Winter session II runs after the Feb break from Feb 28 - Mar 27.


We are two weeks into our Step Into January 10,000 steps/day challenge. This fridgid weather is not making it easy! Comment below how many days out of 14 you've hit 10,000 steps so far. Do you regularly move this much or is it taking extra effort? Do you have any creative ways to get more movement in without going outside?


Workouts for the Week

Monday Jan 15

Tuesday Jan 16

Wednesday Jan 17

Thursday Jan 18

Friday Jan 19

Saturday Jan 20

Sunday Jan 21


So far we have made it everyday in January! It’s definitely been a stretch to get there. I actually look forward to kids soccer practice because it’s a warm place to do laps!


Jan 15

13/14 days - Yvan and I motivate each other to get bundled up and get steppin’


Jan 14

12/14 days. Most of the time walking outside but I also step in place while making meals 😀


14/14 days and I regularly move this much😅😄. Treadmill is helpful for the freezing cold days, I’m thankful for that🙌🏼

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