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Week of Jan 22 - Jan 28

Welcome to Season 3 of the BRIO in the Box podcast! This year we're all about YOU. We get asked so many interesting questions in the gym. Lots result in thoughtful conversations we'd like more people to be a part of and some require a better answer than time allows for in the go-go-go of a class. So we'll be using our podcast to answer YOUR burning questions. Here's what's on the list this week...

1) What do you know about peptides?

2) For someone trying to eat enough and looking to increase muscle mass and strength, is it more important to hit a protein target in the day or just hit a total calorie target?

3) How often do we workout and what do we do?

4) I want to lose a little bit of weight, should I just run more on my days off?

5) My watch says I burned 500 calories in that workout, should I increase my food by 500 calories today?

6) My wife and I watched You Are What You Eat on Netflix and now we're feeling like we should eat less meat, or at least less red meat

7) What should I do on days off?

Have questions for us? Comment below and we'll answer in the next one...


In addition to the lockers and hooks, we now have nice new shelves in both locker rooms for your gym bags! We are often needing to move rowers or bike around, wanting to use the GHD, or teaching 1-on-1 Foundations sessions only to find the front area overrun with bags. From now on, please do not leave your bags anywhere in the gym outside the locker rooms. Thanks for your help keeping the gym tidy and usable!



Friends and family are welcome to join us for a free workout in any class all day long. Please have visitors sign the waiver and RSVP to a class time at


Workouts for the Week

Monday Jan 22

Tuesday Jan 23

Wednesday Jan 24

Thursday Jan 25

Friday Jan 26

Saturday Jan 27

Sunday Jan 28


If you like what we do here at BRIO, we would really appreciate it if you'd leave us a 5-star review on google! Little actions like this help other people find us and know that they are in good hands when they're looking to improve their lives and get fitter. And if you think there are things we could be doing better, please let us know since we're always looking for ways to improve!

As a thank you, you can take a dip into the BRIO Treasure Chest (remember Red Lobster as a kid??)


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