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Week of June 13 - June 19

No not those ones... In this episode we're talking about known "performance enhancers" like caffeine, creatine, carbs, weightlifting belts, wearables, and more! When and how to use them to maximize their benefit.


Summer Camp!

We're hosting a full day, week long summer camp Aug 22 - 26 for kids ages 9 and up! Kids will enjoy a variety of learning, creating, and fitness activities. Throughout the day we'll be lifting weights, stretching, training, and practicing gymnastics skills. Alongside our fitness activities will be cooking, learning about nutrition, playing games, and crafting cool items to keep.

Early Bird pricing ends on June 15 and we only have 3 spots remaining! Check out the details at


Monday June 13

Tuesday June 14

Wednesday June 15

Thursday June 16

Friday June 17

Saturday June 18

Sunday June 19


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