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Week of June 24 - June 30


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What is Fitness?

Have you ever read the seminal article "What is Fitness"? This was written in 2002 by CrossFit's founder Greg Glassman and it basically started a revolution. You come to BRIO to get fit, but do you know how we define and measure what that means? Although there are many ways to improve fitness, do you know why CrossFit is the BEST way?

Take a few minutes this week to read it and gain a little better understanding of what the heck and why the heck we do what we do. Feel free to share with someone in your world that needs to know this stuff too.


Summer Schedule

The summer months are upon us! When's school's out, we know schedules change dramatically for parents, students, and teachers and summer vacation plans take many of you away from the city for extended periods, especially on weekends. Starting July long, Sundays will have one big fun team WOD at 9am.

Summer class attendance also changes quite a bit, but unfortunately not in any predictable way that allows us to make consistent adjustments to our schedule. We'll keep the same classes on through the summer, but any class with no one signed in by 2 hours prior will be removed from the schedule so coaches can adjust our plans accordingly. If you want to workout, just make sure you're signed in! And please cancel with as much notice as possible if you can't make it.


Workouts for the Week

Monday June 24

Tuesday June 25

Wednesday June 26

Thursday June 27

Friday June 28

Saturday June 29

Sunday June 30


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