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Week of Sept 12 - Sept 18

We have a new challenge coming out called The Grit Grind!

Part fitness, part nutrition, part mental toughness and habits.

75 days unbroken to drink water, go outside in the morning, be active twice a day, feed yourself like royalty, and read a book.

This is an all-in challenge for when you are tired of your own shit! The Grit Grind is here to help you get it together.


Weightlifting Club starts Tuesday!

Join us for an 8 week deep dive into proper technique for moving large loads, long distances, quickly! We will be working on the finer details of squats, deadlifts, cleans, jerks, and snatches.

This program is open to adults as well as kids ages 9 and up (we'd love to see parents and kids taking this class together!).


The Fall Session of our NextGen CrossFit Kids classes starts Wednesday!

The program seeks to foster the enthusiasm kids have for running, jumping, throwing, climbing, and imitating their CrossFitting parents in a safe and encouraging setting. We focus first on developing balance, body control, flexibility, and proper movement and progresses growing bodies appropriately as they move through various stages of physical and mental development.


Monday Sept 12

Tuesday Sept 13

Wednesday Sept 14

Thursday Sept 15

Friday Sept 16

Saturday Sept 17

Sunday Sept 18


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