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Drop In Visitors

At BRIO we love welcoming CrossFitters visiting from other affiliates all around the world! We want to make our gym your home away from home.


We do expect that you have appropriate CrossFit experience before joining any of our classes though. We are strict on this rule, so if you have any questions about this, please contact us before arriving for class.

We've streamlined our waiver, class sign in, and payment systems to be self-serve and available to you 24/7 here on our website.



What is the cost?

Our drop in fee is $21 + tax

I'm following my own programming. Can I do that at your gym?

Sorry, but no. We're a coach-led, community-driven training center and we don't allow any outside programming. 

Should I show up early to warm up?

No need :-) We ask you to show up about 5 minutes ahead of your scheduled class. Have your shoes on and be ready to go at the start time and our team of awesome coaches will take it from there!


Do you guys have showers?

Sure do! Two in the men's room and two in the ladies.

Can I bring a friend that has never done CrossFit before?

Joining our regular classes requires adequate experience at another licensed CrossFit affiliate or completion of our Foundations Program. We do, however, offer frequent "Bring a Friend" visitor days. Check out the schedule of free trial classes here

23-09 BRIO Class schedule.png

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