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Tues Dec 27, 2016

We sure to do love our holiday traditions. Join us Jan 1 for our New Years Day GIRLS-O-RAMA! Start 2017 off right by taking on one, some, or (if you're really crazy) all eight of these classic CrossFit "girl" workouts. The festival of fitness takes place at CrossFit BRIO at 310 Jessop Ave.

Active out-of-towners from other CrossFit gyms who find themselves in Saskatoon for New Years are welcome to join us too!


Squat Clean & Jerk OTM x12 3@ 65 2@70 1@75 *Rest 1 min* 3@70 2@75 1@80 *Rest 1 min* Min 9-12: 1 OTM, choose weight

"Elizabeth" 21-15-9: Squat Cleans, 135/95 Ring Dips *beast mode from the high rings"

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