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Sunday Aug 6, 2017

No classes today! Take your fitness outside on this long weekend. The WOD is...

Run 5K


A solid third day at the CrossFit Games for Iain. He took a conservative approach on the power snatches in the first event in order to Make Good Choices and protect a recently injured back - good enough for a 16th place finish. He paced the Vest Triplet outside on the field for exactly how much energy he had, for a 15th place finish. Then in Quatrain, the last event in the afternoon, he executed perfectly for no missed reps or failed HS walks and hustled to a 9th place finish. He wrapped up the day in 7th place among the 20 fittest men IN THE WORLD in his age division. We absolutely could not be more proud of his fortitude and resolve to compete at this level, with this much volume and still stick to his own game plan! #thisisawesome

At 11:55am today he'll be facing classic girl wod "Diane" followed immediately by 6 rope climbs and 30 thruster at 115lbs. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the words of support and encouragement from the community!!

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