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Thurs April 19, 2018

The Open is behind us, but the season continues for a select few! The top 200 athletes in each of the teenage and masters categories worldwide have been invited to compete in The Age Group Online Qualifier this weekend. We are stoked to have Iain (23rd worldwide, men's 40-44), Viki (44th worldwide, women's 40-44), and Kristi (89th worldwide, women's 45-49) all advancing to the #AGOQ!!

Tonight at 6pm, CrossFit HQ will release (likely) 4 workouts that must be completed and videoed by Monday at 6pm. Workouts are judged and validated at our gyms, just like The Open. Their placing in The Open will count as one "event", and they will have (likely) 4 more workouts to differentiate themselves. Once the weekend is complete and scores/videos have been verified, the top 20 in each age group will be invited to compete at the CrossFit Games in Madison, WI in August!


6 rounds,1 Min at each station Row Burpee Bike rest

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