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Wed Sept 26, 2018

3 rounds Run 400m or Row 500m 15 Power Snatch (95/65) 15 Lateral Bar Hop Burpees ---------------------------------

6:45pm Weakness WOD

OLY 1) Snatch Deadlift + Mid-Hang Snatch – 75% x 2 x 3 2) Snatch Deadlift – 105% x 4 x 3 3) Snatch Balance + OHS – 80% x 2 x 3 4) Push Press + Jerk – 65% x 2 x 3 Gymnastics 1) Push up 4 sets Regular, wide, Narrow, Rings 2) False grip Ring Row - feet on box Lat pull - feet against box 3 sets 5-10 reps 3) Hollow Body to Superman rolls 3 sets 5-10 reps 4) Box Pistols 3 Sets 10 reps Cardio 4 Rounds: Run or Row 400m @ 90% Walk or slow 30 sec Run or Row 400m @90% Walk or slow 30 sec Run or Row 400m @90% Walk or slow 30 sec Rest 5:00

Still on the fence about the Take 30 Challenge? Consider a bit more information below or send an email to Courtney with your questions!

Nutrition is the foundation of sport performance, maintaining a healthy body weight, and improving energy. CrossFit identifies nutrition as the base of their pyramid of priorities! This means it is worthwhile to investment your extra time and energy into dialling your nutrition before worrying about fitting in an extra WOD or skill session (but extra skills are always fun, too!).

There will be an info night on Thursday, September 27th at 7:30pm in the Yoga Room at BRIO South (click here to sign in). It isn’t mandatory to attend this session! All the information you need to get started will be sent out via email.

What does the Take 30 Challenge focus on? To summarize the challenge focuses on:

  1. Food tracking to improve your knowledge and understanding of your body’s unique nutrition needs. Custom nutrition targets will be set at the start of the Challenge.

  2. Habits to ensure that positive changes to your lifestyle and nutrition are sustainable and don’t require long-term reliance on Apps or adherence to strict nutrition targets.

The Challenges will have participants track their food in an App called MyFitnessPal. Each day, there will be a tracking tasks (eg. tips to hit your specific protein goal in MyFitnessPal) and a habit to implement (eg. include a protein food at breakfast). The goal of this approach to the Challenge is to provide participants with the information to truly understand nutrition and their body’s unique needs while also focusing on sustainable habits so that participants feel that they have the knowledge to make positive nutrition choices without tracking food (after the Challenge is over!).

There is lots of great info packed into the Challenge including:

  • Customized macronutrient calculator (to determine your body’s unique nutrition needs)

  • Food List

  • Grocery Shopping List

  • What to eat pre- and post- WOD

  • Recipe Ideas

  • Snack Ideas

  • Supplement considerations

  • Real-life tips from successful Vitality Clients

  • And much more!

See what past Vitality Clients (and CrossFit BRIO members!) have to say about expanding their knowledge on food and nutrition.

Carolanne’s Story:

Throughout your nutrition journey, what new behaviour or habit was been fundamental in reaching your goals?

A clearer understanding of portion control. I had often felt like I had a couple of things fundamentally alter my perception of portion control:

  1. Hard core long distance triathlon training where I simply couldn’t eat enough food for the amount of energy I was using; and

  2. Breastfeeding two babies where I really was feeding another human being with my eating!

These two things, in combination with being a very busy mother, wife and full time employee, truly affected my understanding of what I needed to eat just for me, and for normal life. Weighing and measuring had the effect on me to learn what a normal portion looks like for me.

What advice would you give to someone looking to learn more about nutrition?

You have to be ready to do it for you. It helps to understand the true reasons you are seeking a change. You have to ask yourself if you truly interested in learning, growing, making mistakes and being humbled. Because this is hard to do sometimes. Sometimes it’s hard to say no to the pressure to eat things you don’t really want to eat - food pressure is all around us all the time - but if you understand your vision, it’s easier to stay the course. Oh, and be kind to yourself. But that is advice I would give anyone all the time.

When you felt overwhelmed with your nutrition goals or lifestyle changes, what did you do to get back on track or stay on course?

When I feel overwhelmed about what is going on, I think about my kids. I want to be able to play with them, run with them, generally keep up with them. And it’s easier to do when I feel energized with good food, while not carrying around an extra 20 pounds. That’s a heavy wall ball, you know?!

If we opened your fridge or pantry, what one ingredient would we always find?

If you opened my fridge, you would always find eggs. And a cabbage. I love eggs so much and add them to everything. And I learned to love cabbage when I lived in the arctic. We had to order food from Yellowknife, and it would be delivered by the plane. We paid for a lot of frozen spinach before we realized that cabbages take a lot longer to freeze! And so the love for cabbage was born. Added to stir frys, salads or eaten just raw - it’s a go to in my fridge!

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