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Tues June 2, 2020

Sign in for classes via the BRIO app is available 7 days ahead, which means Mon & Tues next week are already open! We've added extra classes to meet the demand so be sure to check out the new times. Also, make sure you've watched our latest update video, which contains all the details around

  • equipment return

  • locker rooms and showers

  • kids in the gym

  • when to arrive for your class

  • programming

  • and more!


Live on Zoom



1 min per side

- Pigeon pose (R/L)

- High Lunge (R/L)

- Low Lunge (R/L)

- Ankle Mobility (R/L)



Pause Squats

Inchworm Push ups

Jump Squats

Ring Rows

Hollow Body Rocks

Warm up to working weight (BS & Press)

Strength/Skills OTM x 12

1) 5 Back Squat or 10 DB Pause squat

2) Right side plank

3) 5 Strict Press or 10 Seated DB Press

4) Left side plank


12 min AMRAP

6 HSPU or Push ups

8 Pull ups or Rows

10 Sec Hanging L-Sit or Hollow Body


Seriously too cute!!!


Janine Danderfer
Janine Danderfer
Jun 02, 2020

Awe this is so cute HHaha

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