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Week of Jan 1 to Jan 7

Happy New Year everyone!! We hope you have enjoyed a nice relaxing holiday season.

2024 is going to be the best year yet at CrossFit BRIO! We are doubling down on our commitment to bringing you the most professional, safe, effective, and fun CrossFit affiliate you will find anywhere in the world. This is the home of the committed, and there is no one we would rather work for than YOU! We continue to invest in helping you live your best life, for life through quality coaching, custom in-house programming, health education, and lifestyle support among the coolest community. 2024 is going to be the YEAR OF THE HABITS. Check out a few things we have lined up for you....

Move around a lot, every day: Step Into January

A one hour workout 3-5 days per week is not enough to cancel out a lifestyle of sitting. Your fitness rests on a foundation of lots (and lots) of general daily movement. Yes we know we're starting a step count challenge in January in Saskatchewan! ... but the extra difficulty is the point. If we wait to start good habits until conditions are ideal, it implies we will quit when conditions are not ideal again the future. So charge up that fitbit/smartwatch/oura ring/whatever, get out of the chair, and join us in getting (at least) 10,000 steps per day this month.

Show up more than you don't: The 224 Club in 2024

Simply showing up with consistency is a huge piece of your health puzzle. To reap the benefits of the CrossFit methodology, your baseline goal should be to simply show up more days than you don't. We're issuing a challenge to see who can show up for 224 classes in 2024 - a little over 60% of the year. See you Monday!


Workouts for the Week

Monday Jan 1

Tuesday Jan 2

Wednesday Jan 3

Thursday Jan 4

Friday Jan 5

Saturday Jan 6

Sunday Jan 7

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