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Chia Pudding Variations

by Coach Courtney, RD

Chia seeds are little nutrition powerhouses packing calcium, fibre, iron, and plant based omega 3s and protein! If you find yourself hungry often, consider adding chia to your meals or snacks. The combination of protein, healthy fats, and fibre is a winning combination to reduce hunger. Read more about the health benefits of chia seeds in my previous post!

Are you a chia newbie? If so, chia pudding is an awesome first-timer recipe. Plus, my base recipe has just 3 ingredients (if you don't count the vanilla extract and salt!). So, I guess 5 ingredients. That's pretty simple, right? Right! Sign me up.

Chia seeds have the unique ability to absorb the liquid they are soaked in and turn into a gel-like texture. Depending on your pudding preferences, the ratio of chia seeds to liquid can differ. Recently, I have been using a 1/4 cup of chia seed for every 1 cup of liquid. This ratio yields a thicker chia pudding than a previous recipe I posted. The texture is like a creamy tapioca pudding. Chia seeds are flavourless meaning the pudding is a canvas for whatever liquid, flavour, or mix-ins you prefer. The recipe shared is my favorite combination, but consider the variations highlighted below as they may better suit your personal dietary preferences or nutrient needs:

Liquid: I love using plant-based milks like almond, cashew and coconut milk. Full-fat canned coconut milk is great if you’re looking to increase the creaminess and fat content for a rich and filling breakfast, snack, or dessert. Plant based milks make the recipe a suitable option for those who follow a plant-based, Paleo, or low carb diet. Alternatively, you can opt for cow's milk or Greek yogurt which will increase the total protein content of the recipe!

Protein: The base recipe I use is lower in protein although there is some plant-based protein from the chia seeds. You can increase the protein by adding 1-2 scoops of protein powder to the base recipe. I have used whey protein, plant based protein, and collagen protein. Flavoured protein powders will add extra sweetness to the recipe! With so many flavours of protein powder on the market, the flavour options are endless! Consider adding 1/4 cup of extra liqu