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Thurs May 9, 2019

OTM x 30:

1) 10 Power Snatch (75/55)

2) HS walk

3) 5-15 GHD Sit up

4) 10 Good Mornings (75/55)

5) Parallette L-Sits


We've got an exciting new summer project in the works and like all our good ideas, this one comes from our members! After discussing all the benefits of gardening and how difficult it can be to get one of the municipal community garden plots, it was suggested that we should do our own. Heck yeah! So we're going to transform a portion of our backyard space at our East location into five raised garden plots, available only to our community for growing loads of fresh produce. Each one will be 4'x10' and the cost for the whole season will be just $50 (all of which goes toward the building costs). In case there's lots of demand, we're going to allocate them on a lottery system. If you're interested, enter your name in this form here. We'll draw for our lucky gardeners on Sun May 12!

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