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Mon Aug 26, 2019

Our annual labor day event, The BRIO Triathlon, will be back again on Monday Sept 2! We bring the rowers down to Meewasin Park and our community gathers for our version of a triathlon (Row, Bike, and Run) along the beautiful South Saskatchewan River. You just have to BOYBike :-) The 9am heat time is for the beastmode double course (4000m row, 14k bike, and 6k run) and 9:45a and 10:00am heat times will be doing the regular course (2000m row, 7k bike, and 3k run). Save your spot and sign in here asap. The cost is $20 and we donate 100% of the proceeds for this event to KidSport so all kids can play!


3 rounds of:

In 5 mins

50 Wall Ball

40 Overhead DB Lunge (50/35)

Max Cal Row

Rest 5 mins

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