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Friday Dec 31, 2021

25 Snatch* (135/95) 50 HSPU (scale to Push ups or DB Push press) 75 Pull ups (scale to 25 strict banded + 50 jumping) 100 Wall Balls (20/14lb) 30 Min Time Cap *Beast - Squat Snatch *RX - Power Snatch Compare to Dec 31/20


Well guys, we made it. Here we are all the way at the end of 2021. Thank you to our whole community for staying patient and dedicated through many changes, working out with masks, 8 person classes, mandates, and all the ups and downs this year has brought. In the end, we are so very proud of each and every one of you for staying grounded in the fact that being proactive about your health & fitness is the most important variable - and the one you have 100% control over. For both mental and physical health, the last couple years has also highlighted the importance of maintaining solid social bonds with good, hard-working people too. Humans need each other! And we're super grateful to have YOU in our world.

Have fun and stay safe tonight!! We'll see you tomorrow morning to start your year off right. Here's the plan for New Year's Day girls-o-rama with a few "athlete's choice" options depending what you're in the mood for...

@0:00 Annie or Jackie @12:00 Grace or Isabel @18:00 Rowing Helen or Karen @32:00 Diane or Elizabeth


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