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Mon June 1, 2020

Live on Zoom:

Kids classes will now be Tues/Thurs at 4:30pm and will continue after we reopen since we are unable to run our regular CF Kids program in the gym for the time being.


Warm Up

3 rounds:

:20 high knees

:20 butt kickers

:20 speed burpees

:20 jumping jacks

:20 mountain climbers

:20 rest


With band:

10 External rotations

10 straight arm raises

10 bent over rows

5 over the fence (R/L)

10 side raises (R/L)

10 glute raises in a plank (R/L)

10 glute bridges

10 banded squats

Workout Prep

3 sets to build to workout weight


Every 3 mins x 8

100m Run

10 Front Squat

10-15 Row/Bike cals or Burpees

Choose a run distance that takes no more than 30 seconds. Front squats should be heavy, but unbroken each round. Use a barbell, 1 dumbbell held goblet or front rack style, or 2 dumbbells held on top of the shoulders (easier) or on the front of the shoulders (harder). Finish each round with burpees or row/bike cals and choose a number between 10 and 15 that takes no more than 1 minute. You should have at least 0:30-1:00 of rest each round.


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