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Tues Mar 17, 2020

If you missed our update yesterday, please check out the front page of for all the details on the gym closure. We will be at both locations today with dumbbells and kettlebells available to sign out for the duration of this situation. We will be posting at home workouts right here on the blog and doing our best to support your continued fitness in any way that we can! Thank you so much for all your kind words of support through these strange times. We will get through this #teambrio!

Warm Up

3 x 10 -15 sec per side of each:

Samson Lunge Kneeling hamstring stretch Half Pigeon Laying Quad Stretch Down dog + Up dog

5 Bird dogs per side 30 sec side plank per side 10 slow push ups 10 Good morning to squats 4 rounds 20 sec on, 10 off rotating through: Shoulder taps Mountain climbers jumping jacks

1 round 7 air squats + 7 burpees - slow rest 15 secs 2 rounds 7 Jump Squats + 7 Speed burpees fast


7 min AMRAP 7 Jump Squats 7 Speed Burpees

Optional Cashout Run 2K


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