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Tues Oct 6, 2020

OT3M x 5:

2 Back Squat

and 1 Max rep set of Push ups or Dips


.com 200926


Overhead squats (115/80lb)


compare to May 08/18


The health inspectors are making their rounds of the gyms in the province to ensure we are all adhering to the Public Health Guidelines. None of us want to end up working out in our basements and living rooms again, so lets be on our best behavior :-) Both locations are set up to exceed distancing guidelines during workouts and we're all doing a great job cleaning up when we're done. We do need to be more mindful of not congregating in the front entrances as we're coming and going though.

- Please do not plan to arrive at the gym more than 5 min before the start of your class. If you do arrive early, please wait outside or in your car.

- Whenever possible, please come to the gym already dressed in your workout gear. This helps us reduce crowding in the change rooms.

- I know we love each other, but for now no high fives, knucks, or hugs

- when you're done, clean up your gear and head out to make way for the next group.

- if you want to chat with your buds, grab a chair and hang out outside (6" apart).

We appreciate your cooperation on this! Thank you!!


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