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Week of April 15 - April 21

Mon July 22 - Fri July 26 | 9am - 4pm

Kids learn confidence through competence by doing hard things. We lift weights, drag sleds, and do all kinds of workouts. We stretch, we ruck across the city, play with power tools, and create things.

But most importantly at least 50% of the camp is dedicated to teaching your kids how to cook. They learn all about nutrition and we'll also cover important topics like proper knife skills, safe food handling, and kitchen safety around hot equipment. The campers will learn how to chop vegetables, marinate meats, prepare side dishes, and use a BBQ. The grande finale is a dinner for all the parents and siblings on Friday night prepared by the kids from scratch! They will come home equipped to assist (or even take charge) of food and meal prep!

Camp is open to kids going into Grade 4 and up in the fall of 2024 (born in or before 2015).

We're only doing 1 camp this year and only taking a small number of participants. Don't miss out! Click here to register.



Friends and Family are welcome to join us for a free workout in any class, all day long. Please have visitors sign the waiver and RSVP to a class time at


Save the Date

Sunday June 2 - Save the date! Last year our fundraiser for the Saskatoon Cancer Center in support of Coach Rana was an absolute blast, so we're bringing it back for year 2. More details to come!


Workouts for the Week

Monday April 15

Tuesday April 16

Wednesday April 17

Thursday April 18

Friday April 19

Saturday April 20

Sunday April 21


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