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Week of June 20 - June 26

In this episode, we're reflecting on lessons learned from 14 years of running a CrossFit affiliate gym. Is bigger better? Is advertising worthwhile? What equipment is best? What's the right number of members? Should we hold on to tradition or embrace change?


Monday June 20

Tuesday June 21

Wednesday June 22

Thursday June 23

Friday June 24

Saturday June 25

Sunday June 26


David and Jocelyn are making "office hours" available with easy online booking. Interested in doing some goal setting? Have questions or concerns? Want to talk about upcoming plans? Book yourself in for a free 15 minute chat!

By request! Interested in some dedicated 1-on-1 coaching time to work on a particular skill, lift, or issue? You can also now book yourself into David or Jocelyn's calendar at your convenience. With nearly 30 years of combined CrossFit experience, we're here to help you with:

  • Back health assessments

  • Mobility issues

  • Running technique video assessments

  • Snatch or Clean & Jerk technique

  • Squat or Deadlift technique

  • Handstand push ups

  • Toes to bar

  • Rope climbs

  • Bar or ring muscle ups

  • Butterfly or kipping pull ups

  • Handstand walking

  • Rope climbs

  • Programming for specific goals/competitions


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